Love Makes Things Happen (Paperback)

From the sapiosexual mind of Jonathan P. Mance, comes an exciting, erotic, black romance novel hotter than "Fifty Shades of Grey", per one reader.

Angel and Christopher are long time friends. They've built their friendship from the ground up. They love and trust one another genuinely. Love, not sex was always the foundation of their relationship.

However when an argument over something silly threatens to destroy that friendship, one of them makes a play to save them. That sets in motion a passion like molten lava that flows so naturally. Exploration, Deceit, Confusion, Infidelity and Explosive Love Making.

Angel and Christopher have every reason not to cross this line. Yet they have every reason why they should. They soon discover that no matter how they tried to design their friendship.....Love Makes Things Happen. There was absolutely nothing they could do but what they did.