About Jonathan

Jonathan P. Mance, Black Author and Founder of The Black House Publishing Inc, was born in Charlotte, NC. He was raised in Baton Rouge, La. Upon graduating from High School, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After serving his tour of duty, Jonathan relocated to the DMV, (DC, MD, VA). While there he held various positions within Government agencies. Jonathan received numerous awards and commendations after being granted Top Secret clearances with Federal Agencies.

During both his tour in the United States Marines and in his personal life, Jonathan was able to travel much of the world. This was one of his most rewarding experiences. Through his travels, Jonathan gained extensive knowledge and education about people. Their cultures, government and religious institutions. He saw the constraints those entities impose on people in his opinion. Jonathan's travels also led him on a different life's journey. A journey that started with the study of Metaphysics or the science of life. This philosophy studies how external systems affect and relate to people's internal beliefs and behaviors. The principle beliefs that lead to love, happiness and prosperity. Metaphysics inspired Jonathan to begin to lay the foundation to help uplift his community, the black community. Jonathan envisions a movement that will inspire black men, women and children to stop trying to fit in where we are not wanted and build our own. He believes it's really not as complicated as we have been told. The Black House is a place where people of African descent will connect with one another to build real communities. Not just virtual but brick, mortar, wood and metal. Using the principles of Kwanzaa and great business sense 365 days a year. The Black House is a place where networks and resources are in a central location. No matter what dreams you may have, you will have a chance to build them here.

For in the beginning there was the word. Your word that becomes ideas, plans, goals and then reality. Jonathan wrote his first word to create his first book, "Love Makes Things Happens" which is available on this website, Amazon.com and retail stores around the world. From that first word typed on a document to more books and this website a movement was born. You are worth so much more than $15.00 an hour and here at The Black House we want you to make what you are worth.

Are you ready to join the movement? Are you ready to begin your journey, ready to use your words? The Black House is here to help you regardless of your financial, social or other status in life. If you are intelligent enough to understand that doing the same things we have done for the last 400 years is not working, this is your house. The Black House!

Jonathan P. Mance

Black Author ~ Sapiosexual Poet

Founder, The Black House Publishing Inc.