BLACK CHAMELEONS (PAPERBACK) - The most thrilling, action-packed page turner of the year

Government has lost all trust within itself due to political corruption.  Foreign influence has permeated multiple levels in Washington DC.  That leaves FBI Agent Sabrina Morgan working with no oversight or support in Baltimore.  She does have ample resources though.  She begins to weave a web of deceit.  One that connects two brothers who are on opposite sides of the law.  Until now they’ve avoided one another for decades.  Now greed and opportunity has them on a collision course.  As their worlds get more intertwined, they learn that everybody has secrets.  There is no one you can take at face value.  Sabrina just wants to blend in with her new lover.  Having her wildest fantasies while her wildest dream is in reach.  Is she fooling everyone by hiding her true colors?  Or does everyone else have a coloring book too?