• WOW JONATHAN MANCE! What a wild ride... The character Christopher gave all his love to a woman that belonged to someone else. What a man...readers are in for a treat. This book will help the reader get a picture of what happens when two people are meant to be more than friends. As much as you try to fight it, "LOVE MAKES IT HAPPEN" and all you can say is I love you and ain't nothing you can do about it...
  • In a world where black women have been mistreated, misunderstood, and underappreciated, it feels good to know that someone can still see and appreciate our beauty. Of course there beautiful women in every nationality, but rarely do we get the spotlight. We are resilience, smart and loyal lovers. Thank you Jonathan for loving us unconditionally.
  • This book is one of light-hearted laughter while addressing everyday life situations. The characters have traits that are recognizable by everyone. It is a treat for the romantic at heart.The author gradually draws you into the storyline and keeps you there with intricate details. The reader begins to know and understand each character. Enjoyable reading for everyone.
    Gladys Anderson
  • I love this book! The writer really gives you a different way of looking at yourself, loveships, friendships, and events that are taking place in real life. This book will excite and arouse you and will leave you in search for a real life Christopher. You can tell that the writer knows women and what they like. He 's good with making love to your mind. What's more enlightening about this book is the topic on religion. Oh yes, he went there. His take on religion shows that he has done his own research and has come up with his own philosophy on the topic. Everyone may not agree with it, but you can believe that it will raise eyebrows. Great job Mr. Mance, hope to meet you at a book signing.
  • VERY SEXUALLY PROVOCATIVE "FRIENDS/LOVERS" STORY If you are looking for a nicely told story about friends becoming lovers, this is your book. WOW! Love Makes Things Happen deals with the challenges men and women have once they define their relationship as " just friends." However, when that friendship just so happens to evolve into lovers or "friends with benefits," there's no turning back. This is what happens to Angel and Christopher. The story line is simple; boy meets girl in college and become great friends; graduates & start careers; move to different cities and start a family (one eventually divorces); great friends reconnect around shared interests (business); hang out as friends but "fall" into a passionate, sexual relationship. The question now becomes WTF are we doing? Does he respect me? Does he really love me? How can I keep this good love-in in check? What if my sorry excuse for a husband finds out? (Why is the woman always portrayed as intellectually smart and beautiful but emotionally incompetent! Sorry, I digress). Christopher is confident in his love and desire for Angel he just needs to convince her they should be together. This convincing is done through the power of sex, money and security. The end. Love Makes Things Happen is a HOT read with an ending that's a little predictable but overall enjoyable.